Laura created her Acupuncture for Moms groups to support women in their journey of motherhood.  Acupuncture is helpful not only for such physical ailments as pain and hormonal imbalances, but is also incredibly beneficial for anxiety, depression, and other areas of personal wellness.  The groups are an affordable way to take some time for self-care, while helping create balance and well-being, all in a supportive environment.


"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you."

-Anne Lamott

What we are doing:
•    Group acupuncture-a protocol that has been used around the world for many decades, and an ancient healing practice that is 5,000 years old
•    Acupuncture works on the energy systems in the body by opening blocks, creating flow, and healing body, mind, and spirit all in one.
•    Primarily 5 small needles in each ear that can help reduce stress and anxiety; uplift depressive feelings; help with trouble sleeping; provide a general sense of well-     being and help you feel better. The ear points include treatment for the whole body, so many things are being treated with these points.

After treatment, people report:
•    Increased mental clarity
•    Improved ability to cope
•    Improved alertness
•    Improved ability to sleep
•    Reduction of aches and pains
•    Reduction of depression and anxiety