What's Up With All The Rocks?

What’s up with all the rocks???

Unless you’ve been under a rock (pun intended!) you might have noticed that I post about them a lot. If you have been to Seed to Star (or even my house), you might have noticed a “few.” People have been asking me, “What’s up with all the rocks?”

I’ll start by telling a story. I have always loved rocks. I used to carry around those little field guides for minerals and longed to stop at one of those “rock shops” you see on the side of road up in north Georgia. Once as a child, someone gave me a large black stone (I still cant figure out what it was, possibly black tourmaline) and as I sat in my yard chipping away at it I found dozens of little pyrite cubes. At first I thought it was gold (I was fooled!) and got very excited that perhaps I had just solved all my family’s money woes, only to realize it was not. The stone then fell in a pile of leaves near the house and I never found it. It was like it disappeared. I still walk by the spot I dropped it, hoping it will magically reveal itself to me again. I had small rock collections and often felt drawn to give stones as gifts but never knew much about them, except that I liked them and felt good around them.

Anyway, years and years passed. I went to acupuncture school and had kids. One of my first weekends away from my children was to the Southeastern Women’s Herbal Conference in North Carolina. On a whim I decided to stop by a class called “Stones for Empaths.” I had no clue what to expect, I mean this was a conference for plants after all. I was immediately sucked in. Every single word the teacher was saying resonated with me. The way she spoke of the stones was like music to my ears and made sense on a very deep level-more so than my connection with plant medicine. Then, she started throwing out some Chinese medicine jargon and I was like “Hey! That’s my language!” The cherry on top was when she started talking about the five elements and how she was also a five element acupuncturist. Well, that was it. I knew I needed to learn more.

Not long after, I started reading everything I could find and began studying with Sarah Thomas, of Clarity Stone Medicine in North Carolina. I am a Level 2 graduate from her program (Level 3 is coming up in few months!). These Taoist stone medicine teachings come directly from Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist priest of the Jade Purity lineage (more on that in a future post) and last year I had the opportunity to attend one of his stone classes in Tucson, AZ.

What you may not know is that stones have been used in Chinese medicine since even before plants and needles. Although stone and crystal healing has come to be known as a “new age” type of healing, it is actually thousands of years old. The stones grow in the earth, just as plants do, and possess unique properties for healing and spiritual growth. Minerals are the building blocks of stones and crystals and we ingest or use minerals to some degree everyday-whether it is in our medication, supplements, or body products. Crystals are used in our electronics and watches. Stone medicine is powerful on all levels and can assist with not only emotional issues but physical ailments as well.

Studying stone medicine through of lens of Chinese medicine, and especially in relation to the five elements, has had a profound impact on my life-not just as an acupuncturist but also in myself. It has added another layer to my acupuncture sessions, as I use stones along with the needles to activate points and move qi. I have found the combination of the stones, whether on or near the body, plus the needles, creates a much deeper shift in the person.

Studying this medicine and connecting with the stones has changed my life. And I want others to experience what they are able to offer. I plan on writing much more about my experiences with stones and offering workshops in the near future.

So that’s my answer for now, to “What’s up with all the rocks????”