Frequently Asked Questions about the Acupuncture for Moms groups:

How much does it cost? Do you take insurance?

• The cost is 25.00. We do not accept insurance but can provide you with a superbill to submit to your carrier.

How long will I be there?

• Each session is approximately 45-60 minutes.

What are the needles like? Does it hurt?

• Acupuncture needles are sterile and for single-use only. They are approximately the thickness of a few human hairs. Some people feel a slight prick as the needles are inserted, others do not feel much at all. Once in, most people do not feel them. 

Where will the needles be placed and what can they help with?

• Primarily 5 small needles are placed in each ear. These needles can help reduce stress and anxiety; uplift depressive feelings; help with trouble sleeping; provide a general sense of well-being and help you feel better. The ear points include treatment for the whole body, so many things are being treated with these points.

Do I have to get undressed? 

• No. All treatments are done fully-clothed, while in a comfortable seated position.

Can my children come?

• Pre-mobile babies are welcome to sit in your lap or next to you. Older children can play in the supervised childcare room, if available.

Do I have to talk?

• Not at all. Some people like to close their eyes and relax while others like to quietly chat. You can talk as little or as much as you like. This is your time.

Can I attend if pregnant?

• While acupuncture is very safe during pregnancy, unless you are a current patient of Laura’s, it is advised to wait until the 2nd trimester.